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Beggar cut my hand w/fingernail - can I get HIV?

Well recently a drug addicted walked to me and asked me a coin after some minutes of begging I gave it to him , while i was taking the coin from my wallet he forced is hand into my wallet and did a small cut on my hand with his nails (that were kinda big).

He didn't seem to have any cuts on his fingers but he did a small cut on my finger with his nail that bleed for a few seconds. Is there any chances that i'm infected or just some slim chance or really not even possible?

Just worried cause he was a junkie and many of the drug users are HIV positive since they share needles to drug themselfs. Once again I repeat I didn't see any cuts on his hands, tho he did a small cut on my hand that bleed for some time.

Thanks for the help

(sorry for the not so correct english but i'm not from a english country)
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replied October 14th, 2007
Especially eHealthy
You are unlikely to have gotten AIDS in that fashion. There needs to be mucous-membrane or direct fluid (such as blood or semen) exchange.
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