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Could Too Much Coral Calcium Cause Misscarriage?

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I am 44 and i was 11 weeks pregnant and lost my baby one week ago. I visited vitamin world looking for specific vitamins for our pregnancy (as i have always been a big vitamin taker, throughout my last pregnancy too), and it was suggested i take a coral calcium supplement (1500 mg/daily intake requirement, in one capsule) since i do not drink milk on a regular basis. Within 3 weeks, i began spotting and then misscarried. Looking back, it seemed as soon as i took my vitamins, i would begin cramping, and the spotting would increase. I have three healthy children ages 25, 20 and 6. My doctor said i am not too old to carry a child, as my health is excellent and he gave no reason not to try again.
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replied October 8th, 2007
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Your doctor should give you some idea why you may have miscarried. Usually in early pregnancy it is due to chromosomal abnormalities in the zygote and nothing you could have done to prevent it.
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