Hi there. About 2 months ago, my boyfriend was eating potato chips with his lunch. To his surprise, one of the chips punctured his tongue. It bled like crazy. It eventually swelled up and bruised. it was painful but he dealt with the pain. The next weekend, we went swimming. he went under water and noticed pain in his ear and realized he had an ear infection. Most likely, it was caused by his tongue puncture. We were on vacation, so we went to the nearest emergency room. he was prescribed antibiotics and we were on our way. The medicine gave him really bad headaches. he took them for about two days and stopped because the headaches were so bad and his pain went away.

Well, about a week ago, his tongue started swelling up again and it is painful. No discoloration though. He went to his doctor and they prescribed penicillin. After five days on the medicine, there has been now change. Tongue is still very painful and is preventing him from being able to eat.

What should we do now. We know that he must finish the medicine but shouldn't he be feeling some relief by now? Is there something else we should be doing? He does have some pain in his ear too so we think it's an infection but can't figure out why he is not feeling better yet. Can anybody help?

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