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Anyone Else Ever Had Mono....3 Times?? How to Prevent ?

hi there new here,

My wife currently has mono, the only thing is this is the THIRD time she has been diagnosed with this. Once as a child, once last year( which we thought was unheard of), one week ago, she was diagnosed again.

Has anyone ever heard of this and more importantly, is there anyway to ever prevent this.

This is so hard on all of us. She has absolutely no energy, is trying to keep hydrated, rest lots and keep up her eating. She has lost about 15 -20 lbs in the 3 months. We heard that it usually occurs 1-2 months before you see the symptoms, which would explain the weight loss.

My question is: has anyone ever been diagnosed 3 times and how, please how can we prevent this.


Concerned Husband!
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replied October 11th, 2007
Mono 3 Times?
I posted my reply to another question, but I think I may be on my third round. I know for sure it's on my second round. Look for my response dated 10/11 and see if it helps. Has she been to an infectious disease specialist? I'm seriously considering it. Maybe they should do a study on those of us who have had it confirmed at least twice. I thought that couldn't happen, and my doctor assured me that it could.
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replied March 30th, 2009
Yeah I had mono back when I was about 12 and it lasted for about 8 months. I had a swollen spleen and my liver was really messed up. I was tired all the time and just plain sick. Then a few years later I got diagnosed with mono again. This time they took out my tonsils because they were harboring infections and I eventually got healthy again. I have always been a little more on the sick side but about 2 weeks ago I got really sick. I went to the urgent care tonight because I have been suffering from a high fever for almost a week now and I can hardly move. They told me that I tested positive for it AGAIN. I do not understand why it keeps coming back but I start my new term of college tomorrow and I cannot afford to be sick for another year, or even another week. They also said that my mono was severe enough to where they wanted to put me on steriods for the next 6 days.
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