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TB - What is the incubation period? Can I contract it?

i had a tb test last year, and i resontly found out the guy that im kindve seeing has had tb the past 2moths but is taking meds for it, and im wondering should i be conceren based on my own health issue, and should i talk to my dr about it Sad
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First Helper mluce211

replied October 14th, 2007
i would advise you just to talk to your doctor about it. Its easy and the safest thing to do.

But, if he is on meds for it and is not in confinement (which he obviously isnt, because your seeing him) then he should not be infectious. If however you were with him before he was diagnosed and he had tb disease, then he can infect people and the "incubation" period can be very long. The doctors said that when i had tb disease, i could have had the 'infection' for years and it only came out when my immune system was down.

Why not ask him about it? If he is not being kept in isolation and he is on medication, he should not be infectious at this time though.
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