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Spinal Cord Flattened At T11-12

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My CT scan shows T11-12 central disc protrusion measuring 4 mm indenting the thecal sac and impinging upon the spinal cord. The spinal cord is flattened at this level. I have extreme pain at this level when lying down and attempting to turn onto my side. It feels as if something is moving in my right flank and this is accompanied by excruciating sharp pain.
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replied October 4th, 2007
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Hi friend

You need to tell this to your Doctor, this pain is bloody painful, they may need to operate to remove the disc ... and the sooner the better ... I do sympathise with you babe ... It's not at all nice to be in so much pain, and not to be able to get comfortable... I had my lower disc removed, I'm still recovering, however, if the doctors had taken it out sooner, I wouldn't have damaged the nerves surrounding it so much ... this is why I urge you to get your Doctor to do something postive for you ... the sooner the better for you ..

Take care .... and please keep in touch..

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