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3 months of Mono w/a rash ? Steven-Johnson's Syndrome ?

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Ok my girlfriend was diagnosed with mono after having doctor's misdiagnose her with a rash.
I know that you can have the rash for a while and I have seen people on the forums say they have had it for as long as a month.

But she has had it for THREE months now and it comes and goes to different degrees. She also has sores in her throat and mouth.
Today she came to my work after waking up. Her rash was
HORRIBLE. It was all over her body and the blotches where huge.
They are pink and lots of them even swell where they are pink.
She is itching horribly bad and is really feeling bad. If the blotches had been red I would have thought she walked through a fire.

Her doctor is out of town and the receptionist has been nothing but a total jerk to us. She said that we should take her to the walk in clinic, and that the doctor would not be in till monday and could not see her till next wednesday.
I read that this rash can be VERY SERIOUS but no one is taking her situation seriously. Not her doctor... not the doctors in the ER when she had to go ... because it got so bad... not ANYONE.

I am really worried and fed up with this.
Can this be anything else besides the mono. Steven-Johnson's Syndrome?
I just don't understand why we are not being taken seriously ANYWHERE we go for help. Why is this?
Not just one doctor but NO ONE is helping.
Three months of this rash I have not heard of.
Is it possible?
I really need some advice and answers.
Thank you.

P.S. when are the doctors on this site usually online to answer questions?
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replied October 4th, 2007
Especially eHealthy
She should see a different doctor if she is not happy with her treatment with her current doctor.

When she goes to the doctor, whether it be her current doctor OR a new doctor, make a list of questions to ask. This sounds silly, doesn't it? But you truly forget the questions by the time you get there. You think you'll remember but you don't.

Some specific questions to ask would be the questions you just asked on this board.

Why does she still have a rash? What is the cause of this rash? How to speed up her healing process? Could it be Steven Johnson Syndrom? Etc.

Good luck!
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replied October 4th, 2007
Thanks. I appreciate the advice. I called three doctors and have asked the nurses to have the doctors themselves call me.
That way maybe I can get a hint of whether they really are caring doctors.
This one sure does'nt seem to be.
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replied December 10th, 2007
There are some things that will really help with mono. Astralagus root is a great herb for rebuilding the immune system. If you do a search on mono you will find a company or two that sells herbal products with this herb designed just for mono. Theres on product out there that says it will help with long protracted cases.

My son had mono a couple of years ago. His tonsils swelled so bad that he could not swallow water so off to the doc we went. He tested positive for epstien barr virus, which is mono. Did you have this test done? The doc gave us prednisone and antibiotics. We trashed the antibiotics and cut the duration of the prednisone treatment in half. We also used colloidal silver, lots of it. about 4 ounces a day of 10ppm, vitamin C to bowel tolerance. You can learn how to do that at the VitaminCfoundation. We ordered herbal stuff for mono off the net but never used it cause by the time it arrived he was on the slopes and mono was a thing of the past. All in all from onset of symptoms to boarding was about 8 days.

Some people will suffer from mono for a long time. Unless you do something to rev up your immune system you will continue to suffer. Vitamin c to bowel tolerance is good along with allicin garlic products. Colloidal silver can knock the virus out but still your immune system will remain weak. The correct herbal complex may help also.
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replied July 2nd, 2012
In terms of partial mono treatment
What does vitamin C to bowel tolerance mean?
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