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21 Year Old With Constant Chest Discomfort

I am 21, healthy, 6’2’’ 180 pounds, non smoker, occasional drinker with constant chest discomfort for over 2 years. It feels like my heart is beating forcefully even at rest, with it radiating in my neck and arms, and irregular beats and tightness in the chest. Over this time I have had EKGs, Echocardiogram, chest X-ray, 2 week haltor monitor, chest CT scan, all turned up nothing ( accept a "benign" arythmia"). An electrophysiologist attributed it to “cardiac rhythm awareness”, saying I can simply feel my heart beat more than others. The other doctors thought it was just anxiety. I have been on 40mg Nadolol and now 25 mg Adenelol (beta blockers) which don’t seem to help. There is heart disease in my family but the doctors seem to brush me off becuase of my youth and healthy demeanor. The symptoms are constant almost every day, but do get worse after eating, exercising, and drinking. I don’t know what else to do as it is deteriorating my otherwise great life. Can someone offer help?
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First Helper sberango20

replied November 5th, 2007
Relax Man
i think you are with stress and anxiety... after my dad died a month ago... i feel weak and sometimes on panic... my hearth is pounding like hell. i always feel this reactions when im emotionaly challenge or nervous... but when im relax its normal.

my advice to you is to always think possitive, excercise, and take food supplements..

for the medication... im taking atarax or iterax... it helps me calm. but beware of it and ask a doctor first because it will make you dizzy. check a doctor for a safe dossage.

stay strong
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replied November 6th, 2007
Experienced User
Well It Isnt Your Heart
Well it couldnt be your heart after all this time somthing would have happend by now !! you probably have nothing seriouse

sounds alot like anxiety do you get jaw and arm pain aswell
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replied October 4th, 2008
It Maybe Anxiety Attack
I used to be in the same situation - ECGs, 2D Echo, holter monitor, stress test, loud pounding of the heart. After 2 cardiologists and an internist, I was not getting better. I tried another cardiologist who categorically stated I have no heart problem. My symptoms are all indications of panic attack and referred me to a neuro-psychiatrist. This doctor told me I was suffering from serotonin imbalance and it needs medication. I was given Zoloft and Rivotril and after some 6 months, I became the normal person I missed myself to be. I thought I could not go back to my usual activities. which goes to show that some conditions olinked to anxiety attacks- cannot be helped by just being told to relax especially if they involve chemical imbalance in the brain. It is a medical case and the sooner one gets medical attention, the great er is the likelihood of restoring balance in one's physiologic/psychologic functions.
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