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DX: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome but I'm in pain!

Hi, my name is Kim and I am 49yrs old. Yes, this year will be the BIG one!
My story officially began Jan 2007 with a sinus infection. Two courses of antibiotics, still no better. Strange and debilitating symptoms began to follow to include the following: Severe fatigue (bed bound for most of 6wks, felt like I was walking through cement) fullness & pressure throughout both ear canals (the strangest feeling I have ever felt) Burning on the tongue and roof of my mouth, burning sensation throughout back area by lungs, pleuritic chest pain with a feeling at times of my chest being squeezed so tight. Left leg, foot, toes, tingling & numbing sensation at times. Leg sometimes feeling like it is dragging. Back of my skull, neck feel achey, almost like a toothache.
I was seen many times by gp, who eventually dismissed herself from this case due to my symptoms becoming to complex, and out of her league. Multiple labs drawn with a few elevated area like sed rate, white count. high epstein barr, positive Herpes 1 (which would explain why I had developed a nasal lesion during this flare) neurology ordered brain mri (lesion left frontal lobe)-dr. say's nothing to real concern ourselves with. Report read ?migraines (I have never had one) or ? demylinating disease. We were batting a zero clinically, so I discussed with those md's who were treating me about going to a teaching hospital for evaluation. All were in aggreeance. (Could it be I was out of there hair for awhile) Awful how e think when we are not well isn't it? Anyway, set out from las Vegas to Cleveland Clinic with my husband. Repeat of all the blood work that had been done in vegas, no other testing to include any diagnostic workup was ordered. consulations w/rheumatology, internal med, ent- The final prognosis was ? fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome. Currently I am back to work, continue to take narcotics and motrin to get through my day without pain in the neck, and assist with masking other symptoms. I do not mean to come across like I take these drugs around the clock, but it is concerning that even a couple a day, every day, could become a dependent resource to seek relief. Pain mgt physician has recently done cervical epidural injections for the diagnosis of cervical stenosis found early in my illness on MRI. I do not believe in my heart that what I have is fibromyalgia. I will of course give the doctors the benefit of the doubt and continue taking a newly introduced medication called Lyrica- if any of you out there take this drug, maybe you can share your experience with it. I just have no one to real communicate with about these bizarre and concerning symptoms. I have read some testimonies on this site, that allow me to feel I fit in a little. Whatever this is, may take time to finalize a diagnosis...I just wish it would come sooner so I could get the right treatment to help me function....Thanks for reading. Kim
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replied October 7th, 2007
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I really hope that you find answers. YOu do fit in here. You will have friends here. if you evr need anything just ask. if you need to vent--vent this is the place to do it. and please share your successes with us too so that we all can have hope.Smile
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