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Small Intestine Resection Scar is Infected + Diarrhea

One month ago I had a resection for a volvulus (strangulation) caused according to the surgeon as a complication of the hysterectomy I had 5 years ago. I had absolutely no symtoms untill I had an enormous abdominal pain. Fortunately, after some tests, they operated very quickly and found that I had gangrene, so resected that part.
I am making rather slow progress, as the scar became infected and some of the closure clips were removed prematurely causing the scar to open about 1 1/2 inches at the bottom which doesn't seem to be closing, and I have diarrhea. I am now eating jars of baby food to see if this helps and taking Loperamide. I still have quite a lot of pain, and my doctor doesn't seem to have any advice other than keep taking the pills.
Does anyone have any suggestions either about the scar or the diarrhea as I can't see how I'm going to make any further progress.
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