I would like to know if there are any hypoglycemics in the NY area who would like to meet up (or, if anyone knows of an existing group). My boyfriend had a setback in his hypoglycemia recently and is getting a bit depressed about it.

He was originally diagnosed almost fifteen years ago; took a couple of years to get it under control with diet; recently was setback to almost the beginning because we got lazy checking labels and a 'safe' food changed their recipe to include sugar.

He's slowly making progress but I think it would help him immensely if he could talk to someone else going through the same thing. He can't use the computer right now because it gives him headaches after only a couple of minutes (something new we're hoping will pass when he's back to 'normal').

Any help/suggestions would be greatly helpful and most appreciated!
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replied November 6th, 2007
I know how he feels. It just takes it all out of you but if you eat right. it Will turn around. I think he was the vegetarian right?
See you feel so screwed up, you can't even live a normal life nor be in a relationship hardly because you don't know how to feel better and you feel like you always will feel like that but you can make it better for sure!

Ok this is my advise from personal experience with this for a many years and more.. This is what would work for me:

You have just messed up yourself and now are too confused too seek help or really do anything.
So what I do if this happens: Before bed drink lots of water to flush out the garbage flowing through you. Eat a boiled egg or 2 if you can stomache more. I wouldn't use butter but just a bit of salt only if it feels ok otherwise just by itself.
he will be craving sugar so for that, either a little bit of an orange or a bit of a sour apple. Then he should be feeling a lot better. I myself would take a brown rice cake with sugarless peanut butter with me to bed and plain ones so that I have something to eat when I wake in the middle of the night starving. This may not be the idle but it works great for me.

Ok he wakes up..breakfast: 2 eggs, and yeah I would eat myself a ricecake..a cup of water. Absolutely no sugar in any form at this time.

less than 2 hours later..if hes bad than make it an hour and a half later: A vegatable stir fry with only celery, mushrooms, onions...I would say roast beef but if he can't then go with a few slices of cheese, nothing foreign.

lunch 2 hours later: romaine lettuce, 3 hard boiled eggs sliced in a salad
mix olive oil,lemon salt and pepper and use that as dressing. Its great!
And a bite of a sour apple or two. More eggs and lettuce if as he desires.

He then will NEED to take a nap and will wake up feeling a lot more blood sugar stable but may feel out of sorts a bit.
He will need to eat as soon as he wakes up again and have something with protein so I would suggest sugarless peanut butter on celery and a watered down cup of orange juice.

Then decide on dinner: I would steer clear of the veggie burgers and such for st least 4 days.
Dinner brown rice,wild rice mix.. with ok I would eat fish. I would recommend fish if he can but no prepackaged kind. If no fish then I am only guessing maybe tofu but I am a little scared about that guess.. To stay safe I would eat either eggs or some cheese mixed in eggs maybe with a small amount of the rice, mixed with a salad , just romaine, cucumber,and tomato. I would drink a watered down glass of oj again with that and bedtime maybe celery peanut butter snack then rice cakes to bed some with peanut butter. and repeat.

This may not be the idle diet but it is an easy transition point to the perfect diet or if not that than at least a way out of the fog. It for sure works for me so maybe it may be of a bit of help : )
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replied November 7th, 2007
Thanks for the reply, Vina. Yes, he definitely needs the afternoon nap!! His diet seems to be good/working well (he doesn't need to eat in the middle of the night anymore) and doesn't wake up feeling like crap. The real problem is he doesn't have any patience left waiting to get back to life. (He has a cold right now too so that's not helping!) Oh well. Even if the progress is slow, it's still progress!
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