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ok well this is quite a strange post, i had my girlfriend over tonight and ive been feeling a little all over the place today, at points i got extremly tired and sleepy as thought id been awake for days. strange hallucinations have jumped out at me and moved and switched around some in the company of some distressed voices. ok the point is anyway i had my girl friend here and while we were having sex, i became extremely delusional about half way thru and at one point almost had to stop because voices had starting shouting at me that i was raping her and that i was going to jail. complete confusion then took over for a second when i was brought back by the voice of my lovely girl friend askin me if i was alright and i suddenly felt good again, like someone shot drugs straight into my vein. as time went by my voices seemed to be enjoying it as much as my girlfriend was and slowly began to fade away the more wrapped up in my girl friend i was. i became one with her and for a moment at the end seemed in complete extacy and infinite love. i dont mean to post stuff like this on a public forum, but maybe this is a clue to how to help yourself with voices and such. ive had all kinds of drugs when i was younger and this was truly a psychedelic experience deep inside my mind and was really amazing. maybe what schizoprenics need is Love, real feelings of love, because a illness like this can make you feel so alone at times. for me i found this in a sexual experience with my girl and i can only hope with all the hate and bad these voices and feelings can bring that someone out there has or will get to experience something similar to what i got to.

the mind can be a beautiful thing in the darkest of times and an ugly thing in the best of times. but its your journey no matter what you do, so let it take you where it wants to go. its helping me alot Smile

hope this post isnt misunderstood, i mean only well

all the best
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replied October 2nd, 2007
Isn't it interesting that those of us with a "normal" brain (of course I use the term somewhat sarcastically and loosely here) in all probability haven't ever experienced such an intense, beautiful experience through intercourse alone?

Here's to hoping you have many more good sexual experiences - and best of luck to you. Smile
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replied November 12th, 2007
I'm Glad
I've been going out with my boyfriend for nearly 3 months now and he has Schizophrenia. He told me about it very soon into us getting together (which I'm glad about). He told me the other day that he loved me and he thought I would think he was a little forward but he said that he has never felt like this with anyone. I can see how he changes when he is with me compared to when he is with his friends, he is just so much more relaxed. He still gets some of his symptons at the moment, but I'm hoping to keep helping him out with it....Glad everything worked out with you and best of luck for the future. Just thought I had to say something about what you had said as it felt quite close to what I'm going through with my boyfriend at the moment.....
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replied February 17th, 2008
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hmmmmmmm.................................. .
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