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Growth On Or Around Tonsil Area...

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Hi, my girlfriend has noticed a small growth around her tonsil area and has no clue what it could be. She said it feels like something is stuck in her throat or something like that. Here is a picture I took of her mouth, the growth is on the left side of the picture, next to her tonsil. We are trying to verify what this could be. I will post 2 pictures, one with the growth circled and one without the growth circled, thanks for your help.


Growth circled.. uth2kk0.jpg

Un-edited photo.. uthql4.jpg

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replied September 30th, 2007
I'd go see a doctor, definitely.
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replied October 23rd, 2007
Tonsil Growth
i have the exact same thing! did you find out what it was?
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replied July 17th, 2008
Growth on tonsil
My 3 year old has the same type/looking growth on his tonsils. Last March I brought him to a Ear,Nose and throat specialist. The specialist was not concerned at all and said it was a slow growing papual (a papaloma -much like a wart) and that it was not bothering my son. A few weeks ago my son's voice got very horse sounding and upon inspection the growth had doubled in size. He is scheduled for surgery on August 8th to have it removed and to probe further down his throat for any other growths that may be growing on his windpipe or esophagus etc. The doctor actually went as far giving me a guarentee that this growth would not affect his breathing or swallowing, my concern is that he does not know what else is just down his throat. So, with that said... I would see a doctor and remember without probing they can not say for sure what else is down your throat. Good luck.
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replied November 21st, 2009
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