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nuero/phsyc - Could He Be Who Is Gonna Do My Pain Management

Hello , im new to this forum and others like it , as this is the first time im trying to do research for
myself. I'm tired of doctor's poking and proding me with all kinds of trigger point injections etc , with no other results then the pain it adds to the already severe pain , for minor temporary relief.

Anyhow , went to the doctor today cause he prescribed me 60x 7.5's for the month but at this dosage it allows me realisticly 3-4 hours of pain relief between them both and i got to pick when to take them.... so rather then relieving me from pain it's creating a pain pattern , times in the day in which ill hurt but cant take nothing for the pain for fear of running out , well im a little past half the month , just couldnt bare the pain and needed more per day there go running out early , i have no
history of drug abuse , achohol abuse , and i dont even smoke. My primary physician has scheduled
me to see a pain management doctor (specialize's in nuero/phsyc) ,but its still 13 day's until my appointment and i ask him for med's to make it through until the appointment , he prescribes me motrin 800 , then tells me that was a months script and i should have enough to make it another
13 days , and what am i to expect from this type of pain management doctor? the same kind of cold shoulder no compassion , feeling i got from my primary care dr?

Any comment's would be greatly appreciated , also i suffer from fibro / ddd / bone spur's and sustained nerve dmg from a few car wreck's i was in the last couple of year's ( none caused by me)

thanks , a pain patient in need of a compassionate doctor in my area
im 46 year old female

Also when i asked him for the extra med's he said , he wouldnt do it because i was about to see dr.selah , but i looked up what selah specialize's in ( nuero/phsyc ) could he be who is gonna do my pain management? Or do i need to ask for a refferal to see pain management specialist?

By the way the last real pain management doctor i seen was of middle-eastern decent and was very rude/mean to me or atleast it felt like i
was being belittled...

any Comments would be greatly appreiciated
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replied September 28th, 2007
The roll of the neuropsycologist in pain management is as an evaluator and diagnostician of mental conditions contributing to your pain syndrome. Most commonly found in pain clinics, they are becoming more popular and are frequently utilized by physiatrist and others specializing in pain management. While it is uncommon for them to administer your pain meds, they will make recommendations regarding your medications and proposed course of treatment given their findings.

It has been my experience that doctors aren’t overly generous with pain meds and sticklers about your management of what they do provide. They would much rather see you utilizing other pain management options that could limit your dependency upon prescription meds. Unfortunately they don’t have to live with your body or suffer from the impact of chronic pain in their lives, so their perspective differs considerably from “ours” and as frustrating as it is “we” have to play their game. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember that we all (health care providers and patients) share the same objective.

Best Wishes,
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replied September 28th, 2007
Yes I Agree.... to Some Point
About the nuero/phsyc tryin to pin point my problem's... the only thing is about 4-5 diffrent doctor's have tried to ''pinpoint'' my pain with no luck
they tried trigger point injections , drugs such as cymbalta for my fibro and lyrica .... both which do not work what so ever. I've come to learn i got over 36 trigger points ( or so they told me) , so with that many what could u possibly operate on to ''fix it'' , the only true pain relief i have got has been from opoid med's , every other tactic they try just makes the pain worse not better...

i even went off narcotics before on my own accord to try to find another way , but i dont see them ''fixing my pain'' no time within the near future
im 46 now.... i would like a better qaulity of life before i die.... and the fact i have a diabetic child , without insurance i couldnt afford his med's
therefore i must work no matter if i feel like im gonna fall flat on my face
but with opoid treatment it helps me make it through the day , and adds to the ability of the activities im able to do in a day....

on one more note... i have been researching long term opoid effects..
and i cant say its the monster they make it out to be... in fact all these
FDA approved fibro med's have somewhere in the 20-30 side effects
vs some sedations nausea constipation from opoids.... i just see alot less side effects and alot more benifits... i dont wanna wait till im about dead
to get any quality out my life.
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