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Am I Hypoglycemic?

I just found this site...I've actually been concerned that I might have diabetes, but after looking at this site I am questioning whether or not I might be hypogleycemic. I have a hard time figuring out what to eat for breakfast. Recently, I've been sticking to eggs b/c that's the only thing that doesn't make me feel terrible after eating them. Even if I eat eggs _ i will feel shaky about two hours later. I recently had oatmeal and felt really bad for awhile after, the same with cereal and toast. I also have not been able to eat sugar (ice cream, candy, etc.) for a number of years without feeling lousy. Right now, I'm very concerned...I don't have a doctors appt. until December (health insurance issues). I really feel that what I eat (or cannot) eat is starting to run my life...I also feel afraid to eat certain things. I can usually eat carbs after breakfast and be totally fine. I'm 28, thin and exercise pretty often. My mother has hypoglycemia (but I've been told that that's not hereditary). I don't have a family history of diabetes.
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replied September 28th, 2007
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If it was diabetes the symptoms would be different and you'd actually be craving/eating a lot of sugary foods. It is, in fact, genetic, usually passed on every other generation, but if your mother had it there's a high chance.
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replied November 6th, 2007
I am pretty sure that my mother has hypoglycemia but, try telling her that! hhaha..
She'll be standing there with her hand completly shaking taking a bite of something and has the nervousnessness to boot also mixed with vision blocks when she eats something too sweet at the wrong time.
I have it and my grandma I think had hypoglycemia too but she also had something where her white blood cells started taking over her red blood cells and she passed away at 54. this makes me wonder if hypoglycemics have a slightly higher white blood cell count. I too was found to have a high count right after my baby was born and they told me to inform my doc but I forgot to tell him that...

I do think insulin problem are hereditary.

You do sound hypoglycemic.
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replied November 15th, 2007
hi hun yes sounds like it to me. they say eggs have no gi in them so they cant up ur blood sugars meat , fish , cheese, have no gi in them .... go see ur dr and ask to see a dietition . im seeing a dietition after finding out i have hypoglycemia after 22 years im 42 now or put in serch engin ... low gi foods thats what i did and find it a gr8 help

hope this info was a help to you
take care and look after your self

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