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Pain In Armpit, Chest And Ribs?

i worked out last weekend and played basketball with some friends and strained and moved more that i usually do.

i've noticed within the last three to four days my upper chest and ribs on my left side(the side i use the least)aches a good bit. my left side aches from my chest ribs(side and under the left chest)almost up to my armpit.

i notice it hurts pretty bad when i'm standing and bend down or hunch over. Also it aches when i'm standing and take in a deep breath or laugh pretty hard.

if i am sitting or laying down, i can hardly notice anything but some mild aches in that region - and deep breaths in do not hurt either while laying or sitting comforatbly.

i'm under the impression that this pull or inflamed muscle(s)?

any advice would be greatly appreciated
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replied September 27th, 2007
Especially eHealthy
Yeah, sounds like a pulled muscle. Take a pain reliever during the day to lessen the pain, and wait a week or two for it to heal on its own. That's about all you can do. A stick-on heating pad like the ben-gay patches might help.
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