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Can I Meet Other Women Who Is In Love With An Alcoholic?

Its not so much for advice as perhaps a sounding board or knowing I am not alone and there are actually women who still love these guys no matter what ? does that speak volumes on us or very little? I am undecided as the only person for us was my brother who died. He was my rock and inspiration he told me how to do and say and be because he was one and knew the answers to my questions alot like shadowalker164 ....this much is true to know I was not the only one when it got tuff was a god send ....currently mine(my virgo ) is still sober since may holding a full time job again and life is better ...we are brand new to each other and we have other issues but the drink was a wall to get through but worth the struggle ....I don't kid myself could all end with one beer I return here so I can learn and become aware of what might be my next todo.....and if the other shoe never falls thats good to but I am not a drinker so I have no idea what he is going throw just know how much it costs in money and relationship....the price is too high and would prefer to never go there again but at least I know the worst and can appreciate the best he has in him to give and be ....ok thanks for the read ladies /guys
wazzywoman /robin
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replied November 2nd, 2007
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CHeck out ALAnon...most of the people I know who go are women...and many have found great amounts of love, support, and hlep.
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replied November 4th, 2007
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My second husband was an RN and an alcoholic and drug abuser. I spent 8 years trying to help him. Instead he brought me down with him. I was a daily drinker and heavy. I did street drugs and even took the drugs that were perscribed for him. After 8 long years I decided that I did not want to live like that anymore. Giving our last $2.00 to him for a six pak. I was a better person then that. So I finally devorced him.
Every relationship in the intanse is different and has to be dealt with differently. You can't change him. He has to want to change him self.
BTW: Last I heard about 4 years ago, he was lying under a tree passed out by a friends house.

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