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Exactly one week ago I went to hang out with 2 friends of mine to smoke
some pot. What I didn't know at the time was that one of the people at the table I was sharing a pipe with had been diagnosed with mono hepatitis 2 to 3 weeks earlier. He told me that the doctor had originally misdiagnosed him and that he went medically untreated for some time (don't know how long exactly) till he developed jaundice and was hospitalized for a ruptured spleen/pain ( and liver damage?). I've never had mono before like many of my friends have had at a younger age so i'm very paranoid that I stand a pretty high chance of contracting this virus. I've read on some credited medical websites that person can remain contagious for up to 18 months after the first symptoms of mono.

1) What is the chance that I've been infected?
2) If I get tested in one week from now (2 weeks from possible exposer) will the mono test be accurate?
3) I have no medical insurance at this time, can I make it through this
virus with out hospitalization?

1) I'm a 28 year old healthy male.
2) First time I've smoked pot in about 6 years (how ironic).
3) I'm a non-smoker (cigarette smoker) of 2 years now.
4) Not allergic to any medications.
5) No current/prior diseases/disorders.

I anxiously await your reply!

Thank you for time
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