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Why Can't a Man Ejackulate

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why can a man stay really hard and not cum . everytime we have sex, he can't come, but stays really hard? Question He doesn't have any discomfort at all. I was just wandering.

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replied September 28th, 2007
It has happened to me a few times as well...

Hes turned on enough to stay hard, but not to finish the deal.

Some guys are like this mainly from oral, and cannot have an orgasm that way.

Most guys watch watch a porn with him, and ask him to play his favorite type. Then try to re-enact the scene with him with YOU as the star performer.

If your not into that, your going to have to find hes "sweet spots" and utilize them to the fullest.

most men are VERY visual, so give him a great view of whatever it is your doing with him, and point out just how good it looks to watch you 2 make love.
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