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Herpes Or Rash?

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About 5 days ago I experienced some itching on my inner thigh and noticed what looked like smallish/normal-sized insect bites, which is what I thought they were at first. The next day I noticed that this irritation seemed mostly to be in a cluster, and was reddish; it seemed a bit like a rash and I figured it was irritation from sweating, maybe something bacterial or fungal as a result of too much moisture/not enough showering.

Over the next few days the skin on the area started to peel and revealed raw skin beneath, which was a little moist-looking, but didn't seem to be oozing or weeping or anything. I also never noticed any blisters (and I've looked at it a lot, of course.) The redness has spread a little, and the skin is now peeling in these areas as well, though the raw skin underneath, as well as the previously-exposed skin, seems mostly to be dry and not wet as it was before. It's affecting an area about 2 square inches.

The skin is peeling from what seem like circular areas a little less than 1 cm across, though it easily peels to form one contiguous area of raw skin, and almost all the peeling was done by my rubbing at what looked like dead/peeling skin (i.e. it's not peeling up on its own a whole lot, except in some of these spots where the peeling is originating.)

I know this may be an absurdly detailed description, but I just want to be as thorough as possible. Does this sound like it could be herpes? It doesn't seem like any rash I've ever had or heard of, but maybe someone else knows. Any insight? It would be much appreciated.

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replied September 25th, 2007
Extremely eHealthy
I am not too sure. I have never heard of a herpes outbreak that is as you described. It sound like you have skin irritation from working out of sweating. My boyfriend works contruction and he had to stop wearing boxers because they constantly rubbed and made his skin literally raw. The rash he had took days even weeks to go away.

Herpes sores are sort of like a pimple or a white head. The skin gets itchy and tingly. Then you notice a readness, Then the sore developes. It startes off as a small whitehead then pops and becomes raw and can bleed. the sores hurt when you pee on them and each time you touch them. Its a horrible pain.

Sorry for the detailed explanantion but that the best way to describe them. Look up 'pictures of herpes' on the web and you can find some scary pics....
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replied April 3rd, 2012
I have the same problem! Did you ever find out what caused it?
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replied October 11th, 2016
Itchy thigh skin
I have the same problem as well!!!! Been dealing with this for about 7 years. Any luck?
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