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Clitoral Discharge And Fierce Itching

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I am currently having two issues: vulvar itching and regular vaginal discharge.

I have experienced a lot of itching in my vulvar area, specifically in the clitoral area. I found this website and someone back a few years ago posted about a similar issue as the one I am having; the blogger mentioned lichen sclerosus and that does describe the itching and sensitivity. (I've read that this condition is most common in post menopausal women as well as those with HPV - which I have.) My doctor didn't seem overly concerned but prescribed a cream but mentioned that if the cream didn't work, she would have to perform a biopsy to see what's going on. My question here is: where would the biopsy be taken from?

What I am not understanding, however, is whether there is a connection between the itching and the clitoral discharge I have. I've noticed a lot more discharge in the last few months. It collects around the clitoris and seems to almost calcify (it takes some work when I am in the shower and try to wash the area clean). My doctor seemed a bit confused by this. Is there a connection to the lichen sclerosus? I think I have more discharge during times that I am not having sex. What is causing this? How do I prevent it? Should I be concerned?
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replied December 19th, 2009
Hi, have you had any advise since? i am facing a similar situation and would like to know.
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replied December 8th, 2011
Why the itch
I too suffer from the sever itching, no discharge, but the itching has been as bad a scratching so hard with tissue, it bleeds. I have tried all kinds of creams and cortozones, otc, everything and nothing is working,
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