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Pain During And After Bowel movement

I have checked around for information, and while there are similar instances, I have not seen anything regarding to what has happened recently to me.

Starting three days ago, I felt slight pains in my rectum. Nothing too overbearing, but still enough to be uncomfortable. Now for the past two days, when I have a bowel movement, it causes great discomfort and mild pain inside the anus. As I said before, I saw information that was close to what I have experienced, but in others' cases, they all have had blood in their stools. I have not seen anything in mine. No traces, nothing. I don't have to go frequenty, and the stool is normal as it has always been. But there is still a pain.

My brother had Ulcerative Colitis and had to have his colon removed. Naturally, I consulted him before anything. He is younger than me by 4 years. He said when he first started getting ill, he had to go frequently. Multiple times a day. He also had very bad stomach cramps. I do not feel the need to go alot, and I do not have any cramps or abdominal pains.

Thanks in advance for any help that is provided.
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replied September 19th, 2007
So, no blood, no cramps. Just a sore bum for the past few days. Am I overreacting?
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replied October 4th, 2007
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Do you feel itching or irritation around the anus?
Do you feel pain while your sitting?
Is the pain throughly gone after the stool has passed or it's lasting longer?
Do you feel pain high in your rectum?
Do you have a feeling of constant rectal pressure and occasional burning?
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replied August 6th, 2008
similar feelings
im 20 years of age. and iv been feeling similar feeling after a bm, feels as tho the cramping is on the left ish side below my belly button. sittin makes me very uncomfortable. specally around people. i find my self allways goin to the bathroom to push the rest out but there is nothing to push. i have plenty of fiber and i am kindof a soda drinker. i have been drinking alot of water with zingers in them. thos instant tea packets. but this feelin has been going on for a wyle now. for the most part i just man up and deal with it. but when it comes to the fact that i am avoiding my family and friend because of this is very annoying. at times i want to punch my self in the belly just over frustration, does get very annoying. iv been thinking of trying a colon cleaner, hopefully that helps. was thinking of bowtrol, any ideas?
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