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Itchy and sore anus, white lump between the cheeks

I noticed today that my anus is kind of itchy and sore(ish) so I checked in the mirror and notice there is a white spot/lump between the cheeks near the anus, does this sound like hemorrhoids, or something similar? If not anyone have any idea what it could be? Don't really want to go to the doctors for it, but will if I have too.

I look forward to reading your replies.

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replied September 23rd, 2007
Making a Hemy Doctor Visit Really Soon!
Your problem sounds exactly like mine. I had one painful night last night with thoughts of going to the emergency room due to the same symptoms you are experiencing.

I'm pretty sure it's a hemorrhoid ... just from researching and speaking with others. I too am really NOT looking forward to visiting my doctor for this prob, but I have no choice. Using the restroom is excruciatingly painful causing bleeding.

You may want to try many home treatments. Over the counter you can buy suppositories, creams & gels (pharmacist suggested gels over creams), and medicated wipes. Reading online instructs you to sit in a warm bath. This didn't work for me, it caused further swelling. Icepacks on the hemy seemed to reduce swelling. Oh yea, buy yourself some motrin!! Good luck.
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replied January 8th, 2013
same issue
i saw the doctor for the same thing. he said thrombosed hemmeroid. its been months now and its still not gone. it seems to swell up to form that white bump when i clench a lot (like when I really need to pee). i usually sterilize a needle and drain it then clean the area which always makes it feel better. im looking into infected hair follicle or mucus gland to as a possibility. I have no real pain when doing anything so its not a huge concern for me. im planning on seeing the doc in a couple weeks if it persists. It developed around the time I was hitting the gym the hardest. dead lifting 200 lbs plus etc. so who knows. hope this helps.
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