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Sudden Onset Retractile Testes?

Greetings All,

For the past 2-3 days, whenever aroused, my testes have 'tended' to retract right back into my body often with painfully consequences. I've Googled my way about the web and this is apparently normal. However in 24 years this has never happened to me and I was wondering whether sudden onset of retractile testes was symptomatic of anything.

I have recently started lifting weight after a prolonged bout of major depression (read: a rather sedentary lifestyle) and was wondering whether a sudden shift in body chemistry (testosterone?) could be the cause.

In any case if anyone has any tips on how to train my testes to stay down I'd be VERY interested, since for me retractile testes feels like someone's smashed my balls repeatedly into a brick wall. Wink

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replied October 25th, 2009
They apparently make a rubber bandish device to help hold them outside the body during sex/masturbation that also helps to alieviate the pain associated with this condition according to my new boyfriend. I was looking for help for him when I found your question.
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