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Depression: I Feel Ugly, Alone, And What I Want I Can't Have (Page 2)

June 20th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
why is it u do not speak of your age, experience sexually, therapy, family and friend connections, your height-n-weight, work life, home life, highs n lows of your life to date?
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replied October 7th, 2011
I know how it feels.. I once felt the same as you do.. It's been many years through out my high school that I felt ugly..

Looking back in time now I've realized that it was depression that put me down. It sounded silly to me at first that I had depression. But to this day, I am the same person, with the same body, but different mind. I don't feel ugly anymore. I know I'm not pretty but I just look ok. Ugly doesn't suit me or anyone.

I hope you have found someone to talk to. You will understand more about depression and how it is affecting you. It is like an illness that can be treated Smile and you will feel better. Believe me, one day you will look back in time like I do, and see a new different world Smile

My English is not so great so I hope you understand what I am trying to say lol There are many people out there who have felt/ are feeling the same way as you do - you are not alone. Depression will get out of your life soon!
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replied May 9th, 2012
Come on man! Just be your self and be extremly happy.
Would.weoman want guys that are into themself or just a normal happy guy?
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replied September 30th, 2014
I feel like I'm the most hideous person ever. I never really cared until my senior year summer where i heard a friend call me F***ing ugly. As a kid growing up i was pretty and cute and then it changed. I have a big head with discoloration on my face and it just unattractive it really is, i hate being in the light cause it'll show how ugly my skin looks. and my mom is the only person that says I'm pretty, but i think she's lying. She just don't want to admit that she has a ugly daughter. My mom is really pretty, i don't like taking pictures, and i wish i can take a selfie but I'm really to ugly for that. it just really hurts, and i can't tell people that I'm depressed about it because it a dumb thing to be depressed about. I feel when people stare at me and talk they are thinking dame she ugly, and they ugly people are the nicest people well that describes me. it sucks it really do, and i just don't know how to deal with it. i just have really bad skin and that shows a lot on african american skin. their is no one i can express this to i just keep it bottled in and act like nothing is ever bothering me. it really suck and is a sucky way to live life.
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