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Do I Really Need Another EEG ?

Three weeks ago I had a sleep deprived EEG. Now the same neurologist wants me to have an ambulatory EEG, where I basically wear the stuff on my head for five days, go about my usual routine and then it records into a little electronic device. I've already had two MRIs and a PET scan. What can this take home EEG show one three weeks ago and one a year ago didn't show?

I somehow get the feeling that he is just trying to bill more to my insurance company. This is only my second visit to this particular neurologist. A neurosurgeon referred me to him, since his specialty is supposedly epilepsy. (I was diagnosed a year ago, had some break through seizures etc. Long story)

We also talked about my migraines and he wrote a "prescription" for folic acid, which is not even a prescription, it's available over the counter. What the heck? I was hoping for some relief. Of course I should give it a try before I am so quick to judge.

Anyway, any input would be nice. I guess I am just not very trusting of doctors in general.
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replied September 14th, 2007
I would definatly ask this new Dr why he wants you to do the bring home EEG and do it for 5 days.. Ask him what the purpose is?
Get him to explain the "whys" to you before you agree to do it..

ANd yeah, that's weird about him writing a perscription for folic acid..
It is available over the counter, like you said.

Do you happen to know anybody else to goes to this particular Dr?

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