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I'm 24 and have a bit of an odd issue. First, I was injured when I was 13, had several inches of my large intestines removed. I've had random, severe abdominal pain since then with no known cause. It's lessened over the years, and now is almost non-existant. However, I've got a few other issues that have concerned me. Should also mention, following that injury and repair. Several months later I was diagnosed with a bowel obstruction. Had severe stomach pain, pale skin. Confirmed a complete blockage with an upper GI and scheduled surgery for the following morning, but it vanished overnight. Just woke up, no pain. They did another upper and lower GI, and found nothing. They assumed it was caused by scar tissue.

First, I do get hard stools when I consume certain foods in excess. No big deal really. My problem is when the stools are smaller, which happens from time to time. I get this twitching. Like, I'm trying to apply pressure to remove it, but my body will fight me, releasing pressure as I try to keep it on. Makes it annoying, but if it starts to pass the issue subsides. I can't find anything on what would cause this. Could it be a sub-conscious action, based on fear from hard stools in the past? I had a habit after that injury that continued until a few years ago, of holding bowel movements till I couldn't stand it any longer. Could I have weakened muscles? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Considering this more carefully, it may be related to diarrhea. Narrow stools are a type of that, correct? The problem is particulary severe with diarrhea. For some reason, I just can't relax those muscles to let it go. It usually is easier to wait till it hardens, and then evacuate it. Has anyone experienced this? If it is a form of diarrhea, would a laxative force it out(phillips milk of magnesia is what I have), or just induce cramping, making the situation worse?

This particular time is a bit different. What's coming out is like taffy, very sticky, hard to rid myself of. Reguardless, Phillips MOM is in. Either it all goes here shortly, or I pop like a balloon.

Going to keep this going, just in case someone else wonders by needing information. In approximately hour, MOM seems to have removed the 'sticky' factor, significantly softened the stool and made extraction much easier. I don't think it's done yet, but no real cramping, a slight amount of bloating. Good product.

Ok, I underestimated it. In one hour, it got things movie. By hour 2-7, it turned everything into sand. Unpleasent cramping, but very effective.
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