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Who Knows About Maternity Card?

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I wanted to know more about this program, I understand that it is not an how DOES it work? Right now I do not have any ins. just quite my job to be stay at home mom (I felt like I was working to just pay childcare) and now I have that urge to have a baby and do not want to wait the 12 month time period. Any info. would greatly help.
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replied September 11th, 2007
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If you want my true and honest opinion, I don't believe it is ethical to purposefully get pregnant and expect someone else to pick up the tab. I fully understand that insurance is frustrating, but those programs are really meant for women who find themselves in a tough situation accidentally and are fairly destitute. Can you save some money and pay your bill outright? Loans? I suspect the insurance system will soon crumble (god willing), and all of us can receive healthcare that everyone deserves, but until then, there are so many people who can't even get insurance, the less stress we put on the system the better.
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