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burning feeling inside my head !!!

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theres anothing i just passed off as a one day thing but its been re-occuring its like a burning feeling inside my head, like at the side of my forehead but inside if u know what I mean?
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First Helper softsunshine

replied April 26th, 2009
i have the same thing,
but i just got told it was a tension headache
iv been seen up at A&E - outpatients , my gp
and even the royal ed i just want it to go away!!Sad
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replied February 1st, 2011
Help with burning in head or all mental problems
Listen guys, there are spirits... okay... you need a seal of God on your head to protect you from that... you ask for the Holy Spirit as you read the entire New Testament... I swear, when you finish you will feel something else in your head.. total comfort all the time, Christ revealed... ASK GOD to be known to you.. ASK for the Living Water Jesus said to ask for in His name from God the Father... read the word alone doing this and you will see how real and awesome God really is. Its only 200 pages or so, the New Testament, ask to be reborn from the Spirit. ASK for all things I just mentioned from God in Jesus name WHILE you finish 200 pages and you will be healed FOREVER!


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replied September 28th, 2013
i was in a wreck two yrs ago and im still haven headache now I feel like burning and pain what can I do
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