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Jay and I were walking back from my parents house about an hour ago and found an injured pigeon sort of flapping and tumbling over on the side of a busy road, obviously it had been hit by a car Sad You could tell which side as its right wing was probably broken and its right eye looked smashed into. There was no blood but it was breathing really heavy. Theres no way I could leave an injured animal like that..even if it was "just a bird" (what my dad was thinking) So I carried it close to me with one hand and put my other hand loosely over its head to try keep it dark to calm it a bit.

Well it fluttered about a bit for the first 5 minutes until we were at the bottom of my parents street, so I thought we could keep it in a box at their house overnight - then ring the wildlife hotline in the morning for them to come collect it or we could take it to them.

Almost at their house, I looked down and realised it hadnt fluttered in about a minute and saw it wasnt doing the hard breathing with its break open had died Crying or Very sad

We took it to my parents back yard and layed it in a box on top of some carrier bags. It didnt move anymore, so I gently opened its mouth to see if there was any blood in there and there was. So it must have been bleeding internally.

It was still quite young because it had the yellow baby feathers still on it in patches. Im sad but glad its not suffering anymore. Obviously I washed my hands thoroughly over and over, and threw my clothes straight in the washing machine because those birds spread nasty diseases.

On the way back home with jay afterwards, we had to have the whole "dying and heaven" discussion. He knows the bird "died in this country but got made all-better in the country/place called heaven, by someone called Jesus who fixes all the animals and people when they die here." -I didnt want to say it was a place in the I just said it was a differnt place, then he asked "a different country?" so I said yeah called heaven. We talked about it for a while and he was fine about it all so thats good. I had to laugh when he asked "does jesus fix it with a spanner?" Laughing
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replied September 9th, 2007
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aw that's really sad Crying or Very sad

but like you said at least his suffering ended
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