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Vision Problem, fibromyalgia pain, cold sores on lips ?

I have been seeing oddly lately. The outer portion of my vision is blurry, broken up (like a broken mirror) with a good deal of visual movement. It is not followed with a headache as with a migraine (I've had those before). The normal vision comes and goes. This has been occurring now for three days. I have fibromyalgia pain which has increased and cold sores covering the larger portion of my lips. Are these related? Any ideas as to what the problem might be?
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replied March 15th, 2008
Vision and Fibromyalgia
It's from the clear fluid over the eye becoming thicker than it should be. It feels like you are looking through saran wrap.

This is the what causes all Fibro symptoms. All the clear fluid (what you think of as lymph) throughout the body is thicker than it should be.

Vision clears up when you get the rest back to normal.

Have you checked your saliva pH?

For cold sores - keep anything away from your skin that has dirt or skin oil on it. Change your pillowcases more often, wash your hair more often, winter jackets and sweaters, etc.
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