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bowel movement problems, stomach gets bigger, blood in stool

for the past month i have been having bowel trouble. I noticed a little bit of blood in my stool. I however ignored it, having 2 children i thought it was maybe a hemmoroid. By the way im 26. Fast forward to about a week ago I noticed the blood had became more and more, its bright red. My stomach is blown up as if im pregnant (tubes are burned). My kidneys ache and my stomach from the belly button up gets sharp pains through it. My stools are small ribbon like. Gradually it is getting harder to breathe, the bigger my stomach gets. I have a bowel movement about once a week now, versus the normal 2 times a day routine. And to even have this one bowel movement, I have been trying stool softeners, laxatives, herbal laxative teas...NOTHING helps. I went to the doctor yesterday. He really didnt do a whole lot to check the problem, I have a colonoscopy appointment tuesday of next week HOWEVER, its the just consultation. So Im not even sure when this procedure will even be done. My concern is here, my husband keeps pressuring me to go to the hospital. My stomach is bigger then it was yesterday. What should i do? Can anyone give me an idea as to what this may be? Should I wait for my appointment next week or seek medical attention now?
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replied September 10th, 2007
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Sorry for a delay post! I hope you've already seen a doctor. If you haven't I'll suggest you to go to the hospital and you can request an urgent colonoscopy.
It's the only way to see if something is blocking you passages because you are having symptoms that refer to that condition (bloating, distention, abdominal pain,bleeding)
Have you lost your appetite? Do you feel nauseous? Do you feel more bloated after eating?
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