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My Eyelid Is Swollen And It Hurts

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I woke up this morning with a very swollen left eye. My eyelid, not my actual eye, hurts pretty bad when I blink or touch it, especially the corner. I've put ice on it but it's not helping. Besides that my eye is pretty good, it's not red and I can see out of it fine.
I'm hoping it's just something in my eye and it will go away by itself. Any ideas what it may be? WebMD is not being helpful.

Thank you!
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First Helper JadeColc

replied September 7th, 2007
okay, nevermind. it's a stye.
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replied July 1st, 2010
Need a bit of advice,
i have that now any idea what it is?!?
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replied August 10th, 2011
Go see your doctor
It's an infection, go see your doctor. I have the exact same thing, and I just looked on another site, and going to the doctor and getting some medication is the best option. Whatever you do, don't spread it to your other eye.
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