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Discharge From Hip Bone Graft

since a car crash in the 80's I have undergone 10 operations on my hip.

A replacement with cement.
A revision with bone graft and part of pelvis replace due to artheritis.
A revision due o bone graft infection.
A revision suspected bone graft infection
10th op. June 06 part pelvis replaced with an implant and new bone graft.
At Xmas another op due to pain of fluid build up in joint which was cleaned out and I was put on a course of Rifidin intravenious in hospital for 2 week and sent home.
After apx 5 weeks put on oral antibiotics for months due to enflamed hip.
Then drain site opened 3 months ago and a thick green discharge has been coming from it for the 3 months. It was tested for infection and no growth aparent. Don't know what it is, have to change dressings 3/4 times a day. My ankle foot and shin in pain unable to straighten leg. I was also left with a dropped foot due to nerve damage. I cant get any answers and keep being sent away with appointments to come back in 6 weeks, 2 weeks etc.
I am very concerned as this discharge is not going away. Do you have any idea what the problem is.
I have had 7 months on strongest anti biotics and then 5 months to no avail. I have now been told to stop taking them as they are doing no good.
I am on pain killers

Thank you
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replied September 13th, 2007
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Thick Green fluid from a wound?

Sounds like you really need immediate attention, friend. I've read that post-operative infections require surgical debridement .. so I'd insist on some medical attention, if I were you.

I'm sorry that you've encountered so many injuries in your life ... what kind of PT do you do?
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