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Lump In My Throat

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I noticed a marble sized lump in my throat today that is located right behind my uvula. It isn't sore or anything, but it makes swallowing more of a nuisance. I also noticed that I spit more phlegm than usual. Is this some sort of cancer or is it something else?

Thanks for the help.
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replied September 23rd, 2010
it could be thyroid.. I had a partial thyroidectomy because of a lump 3 years ago which was benign. Mine wasnt sore either. See your doctor who will refer you to the hospital
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replied September 14th, 2011
lump or pressure in esophagus in the throat and/or in chest
The clinical presentation of an esophageal motility disorder is varied, but, classically, dysphagia and chest pain are reported. In 80% of patients, the cause of a patient's dysphagia can be suggested from the history, including dysmotility of the esophagus.

I had a barium swallow done today and the doc said I had tertiary esophageal contractions. Basically my esophagus muscle isnt coordinating in a wave like motion to push my food and or drink straight down into my stomach immediately as it should. I watched the barium slosh up and down in my esophagus and felt the pressure in my chest and throat until we watched the barium slowly make its way into my stomach. Look up Esophageal motility and or tertiary esophageal contractions. Hope this helps someone....
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