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Pauling therapy synopsis:
the reader's digest version

"it is an established fact... There is a simple, inexpensive, cure and preventive for heart disease and other circulatory diseases, and a path to faster recovery for stroke victims. To understand why this simple regimen works requires understanding why cardiovascular disease occurs." jon cambell. [read jon's entire overview at cqs.Com]

linus pauling invented a putative cure for heart disease in 1991 which was announced 1993-1994. [overview]
pauling's claim that specific orthomolecular or non-toxic food substances, called lp(a) binding inhibitors, taken orally will prevent, resolve, and even dissolve existing atherosclerotic plaque build-ups is based on scientific research that began in the late 1930s in canada. Three united states of america patents have now been granted on the pauling/rath method.

Pauling's announcement was made after experiments with guinea pigs, who like humans can not make their own vitamin c, proved cardiovascular disease can be caused by inadequate vitamin c in our diet.

The two primary "lp(a) binding inhibitor" are the amino acids lysine and proline. Vitamin c is need to heal and activate lysine and proline.

The therapeutic dosage is 5-6 g each of vitamin c and lysine. Some people require even more vitamin c (see bowel tolerance at orthomed.Com ). Smaller dosages will have less effect. Pauling recommended 3 g each of vitamin c and lysine daily as a preventive measure.

Reports since 1991 indicate that the pauling therapy works as a cure by itself, but in theory, pauling's protocol makes an ideal oral adjunct to edta chelation therapy and other more conventional therapies for all forms of cardiovascular disease, except intra arterial radiation.

Early canadian scientists recognized that plaques are uniform. Usually near the heart where the blood vessels are stretched and bent, implicating high blood pressures and the mechanical stress caused by the heart beat. These peer reviewed findings were ignored.

The 1985 brown-goldstein nobel prize in medicine led to the subsequent discovery of the lysine binding sites on the lipoprotein(a) cholesterol molecule. We know now that atherosclerotic plaques deposit in response to injury and that plaque is part of a healing process.

It is unlikely that the primary cause of the lesions leading to heart disease are "poisons" circulating in the blood. We know that plaque does not form randomly. Heart by-pass operations replace only a few inches of blood vessel near the heart (coronary arteries). In a heart bypass, leg veins are used which are without plaque. Early scientists felt that the reason for the localized lesions is mechanical stress, the heart beat, not cholesterol or other "poisons in the blood.

Mainstream medical science has known since 1989 that lp(a) (not ldl cholesterol) binds to form atherosclerotic plaques. Pauling and rath have identified lp(a) as an evolutionary surrogate for low vitamin c in humans.

Modern medicine has been misguided about vitamin c since the 1940s. Pauling in 1970 informed us that vitamin c in sufficient amounts can alleviate colds. Medical "science" disagrees. Ordinary people who experience substantial relief for themselves lost faith and trust in medical "science" leading to the alternative medicine movement.

It is a fact that vitamin c is required, and used up, as the body makes the super protein collagen. Adequate collagen is required for the health of blood vessels. According to the pauling/rath unified theory, the root cause of atherosclerotic plaque deposits is a vitamin c deficiency: chronic, not acute. The correct terminology for cardiovascular (heart) disease is "chronic scurvy" or "sub clinical scurvy".

Heart disease is unknown in most animal species. Pauling and rath think humans are less resistant than other animals to arterial damage from mechanical stress (caused by the heart beat) because they become deficient in a specific protein caused by a specific vitamin deficiency. A vitamin c deficiency is impossible in most animals!

The pauling mega-nutrient therapy to counter lp(a) increases blood concentrations of important substances that will:

strengthen and heal blood vessels,
lower lp(a) blood levels and keep lp(a) levels low, and
inhibit the binding of lp(a) molecules to the walls of blood vessels.
Vitamin c is required for healing the lesion, primarily through the collagen pathway.

Lysine and proline work to unbind lp(a) from the arterial wall.

Unlike ordinary drugs, there are no health risks. These substances are required for life.

The pauling therapy is so safe, and the medical condition so grave, there is no reason why any physician should resist it, especially in otherwise hopeless cases.

By "cured" we mean that as first described on the linus pauling video on heart diease: a unified theory end-stage cvd patients report the complete cessation of their angina pain, color returns, blood pressure drops, blood flow increases, blockages disappear, heart rates drop, lipid profiles normalize, energy increases as does the sense of well being. Patients who had failed now pass treadmill stress tests without surgery or any other medical intervention. Patients barely able to walk before the pauling therapy report that within months they can dig fence post holes and cut down trees. Over time, elevated lp(a) lowers. Some doctors have even told such patients that new blood vessels have "grown" as an explanation for the increased blood flow to the coronary arteries feeding the heart.

Linus pauling's 1992 video describes these findings.

Congratulations: you now know more about the cause and how to treat heart disease than the average cardiologist in the united states of america.

Most cardiologist tell their patients that there is no "proven" value in taking vitamin c for heart disease. Technically, this statement may be accurate, but it is misleading. The implication is that experiments have been run that prove vitamin c has no value. No such experiments have ever been run. On the contrary, all the research and experiments we know of provide compelling evidence that vitamin c does, in fact, have great value.

Heart by-pass operations and angioplasty were never clinically "proven" before being adopted by the medical profession.

The medical profession refuses to acknowledge the pauling/rath discovery and the drug companies don't want it publicized, because it challenges the huge investment in the conventional treatment of cardiovascular diseases - heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and numerous other circulatory diseases. Regrettably, not a single study has been conducted to investigate the high-dose pauling protocol. Instead, all this is dismissed a priori as "quackery.

This discovery puts a dagger through the heart of the pharmaceutical industry and medicine's oft made claim to be based on "science." every pharmaceutical employee and investor, cardiologist and heart surgeon has a vested interest in their part of the $326 billion spent annually on heart disease. Should the pauling discovery become widely known, there will be a revolution in medicine. Cardiology and heart surgery will not survive in their present form.

We are not doctors. In 1995, when we reported what pauling had said and written, we did not know if pauling was correct.

We now know.

Pauling nailed it.

Intelisoft multimedia is now willing wager against others who might think otherwise. Amount negotiable. Winner takes all. Should any person or entity wish to accept this challenge and pit any competing therapy, treatment or protocol against pauling's, in a clinical trial setting with end-stage cardiovascular patients, contact us. Terms negotiable. There are only two up-front stipulations:
the competing protocol may not include vitamin c (above the rda), lysine or proline (or synthetic analogs), and
the subjects in the pauling therapy group must not have been treated with any intra-arterial radiation therapy to stem restenosis.
We will fund the pauling protocol subjects. Antagonist fund the patients on their protocol.
Our prediction: over 90% of the patients (n greater than 30) on the high dose pauling vitamin c/lysine protocol will be "cured" within 30 days as measured by: lowered arterial stiffness (asi measured using fda approved cardiovision), reductions in chest pain, increased mobility, improved sense of well being, etc.

Pauling therapy formula we will use for our study group

------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------
[another, very easy to read overview by jon cambell at cqs.Com]
the crimes against humanity mass murder and the title 18 genocide statute.
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First Helper coffeenconvo

replied July 8th, 2004
Request For Pauling Therapy Asap
I am a 47 yr old white male,i had a 4-way bypass in 1999 and I am deteriorating and request the aid of anyone who can help me. I am on disability,but have not yet received any kind of health coverage,and I am a single father of two children.As I am suffering from 3 to 7 angina attacks a day for the last three to four days,i need help pretty quick,and I no longer trust "conventional treatments"
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Users who thank bamaguy57 for this post: lilmandz 

replied August 31st, 2008
Does the linus Pauline Protocol cure for heart desease work?
Lysine supplements are considered safe and nontoxic. However, one animal study found that chicks fed with L-lysine developed elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels. For this reason, individuals with cardiovascular disease and those with elevated cholesterol and/or triglyceride levels should consult a healthcare practitioner before taking lysine supplements.

I found this article when I wanted to know how and were to buy Lisine, so I could try the linus Pauline Protocol for my own heart desease. Im really saddened by these findings. How dangerous for us already very sick individuals. If you want to check for yourself, just type in Lysine its the second one down in the list. If anyone has tried and tested the protocol of 3g VitC 3g Lysine, and its been successful. Please post on this forum, let us know. We would love to hear from you. We would love for this to help us get better. Thanks in advance. lilM.
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replied October 7th, 2009
The linus Pauling/Rath protocol, Vit C, L-lysine and L-proline worked on my wife over a period of 6 weeks. End result, completely eliminated angina symptoms
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replied December 2nd, 2010
58% occlusion right femoral artery cleared with Pauling
lysine proline vit c therapy ~ 2 months.

Occlusion presented as intermittent claudication would walk ~ 100 feet terrible cramping in calf muscle had to sit down and wait for enough blood flow to clear the cramping.
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replied January 29th, 2011
Clearing blockages in your arteries
Try this , it works. Equal parts of the spices, ALL GROUND IN POWDER FORM, cayenne pepper, turmeric, cumin, ginger. 1 quarter teaspoon 3 times per day.Vit K2, I used Solgar's
brand because I trust them.Co Q10.Vit D3 , Foodstate is good ,and Solgar's Skin hair and nails formula, it contains lysine and proline and Vit C. Small amounts because I do not believe in megadosing. I had a 6 heart bypass 4 years ago, with normal cholesterol and blood pressure. I use it and I got my flying medical back after 6 months.Put a friend on it around 10 weeks ago and he has says he feels much better. He could not walk more than 50 meters. Contact details will be supplied if more info needed.
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replied March 20th, 2012
My blood pressure now 158 over 62. Was 188 over 82. Cure... 6 or 7 Grams vit c. 5 or 6 grams lysine. 2 grams proline. daily. Good old Linus eh!!!!. NOTE. I had a quad bypass back in 98. Old Linus`s treatment seems to be a godsend.
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replied March 24th, 2012
Pauling / Rath protocol, cabg, heart cath.
At age 47, suffered a heart attack and underwent quadruple bypass. I was (and remain) very motivated to do everything possible to address and reverse heart disease. The Pauling /Rath protocol was appealing in its simplicity. I followed it to the letter. Result: 2 years of following this therapy, nuclear stress test reveals more blockage. More to the point, had Lp(a) tests before starting Pauling/Rath protocol, and again 2 years later. Lp(a) has NOT changed. Still near 250 (five times reference range). Scheduled for heart catherization tomorrow. Very discouraged and very frustrated by lack of a consensus opinion as to how best to avoid ending up on a cath. table every 2 years.
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replied March 26th, 2012
I've been having a very stressful time at work and for the past 2 months or so, it felt like my stomach had been getting ripped to pieces. Last week on Monday (3/19/12) after eating Dinner, my stomach hurt so badly my wife told me to go to Emergency.

They did an EKG and drew some blood to rule out a heart attack. They said the EKG looked good and that the blood work came back looking perfect. It still hurt like mad. They waited a couple of hours and did another EKG and took more blood. They said the blood work came back looking perfect, but that the second EKG showed a slight change. They waited another two hours or so and did it all again. At this point they were saying it was my stomach and that I should follow up with my regular doctor. They were just waiting on the official work from the primary ER doc. That doc saved my life.

He came in and said that he didn't like the change between EKG 1 and 2 + 3 and wanted to send me to the Hospital (this was an ER only). They a short ambulance ride later and I was at the hospital. It was 3 or 4 am at this point.

The Hospital I picked was a Heart specific hospital. They said the only way to rule out my heart was to do a cath scan. They said they were booked, but could probably get me in at 3pm but due to my age and health (41 and with really good looking blood work), they didn't expect to find anything. At 4pm they took me in and found 100% blockage on the RCA. I was told they installed 3 stints.

When I spoke with the doctor later, she could not explain why I didn't have a heart attack. She said that she didn't expect to see anything and the only reason she thinks I didn't have a heart attack was that my body was creating other "feeders" around the blockage.

She said she also noted some others that were showing some restrictions, but were not bad enough to take action on. She said that 2/3rd's of the back of my heart was moving correctly and the bottom 1/3rd is moving with a little less force than the top 2/3rd's and that was nothing to worry about. She didn't see any damage.

All this said, I asked her if there was any way to reduce the plaque build up and was told that there was not. I am less than a week in to this and refuse to accept that answer but I don't want to make any knee jerk reactions either.

I know that Vitamin C and Lysine should be safe, though I know nothing of Proline. My new Cardiologist now has me taking Toprol XL 200mg (I have been taking this for years for high blood pressure), Aspirin 81mg, Pravachol 40mg and Plavix 75mg daily. I don't see any interactions.

Since I am sure most of us have had the same sort of experience and are on (I would think) the same sorts if not exactly the same drugs, anyone see a problem adding the Vitamin C, Lysine and Proline?

I am quiet happy to be alive and thank God he allows me to continue to function. That being said, I also don't want to do something drastic and kill myself off with some sort of snake oil treatment. I want to make myself better and not get any worse. I know that is what we all want on here.

So again if anyone has any warnings about the vitamins causing any trouble with the drugs, please speak up.
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replied March 26th, 2012
I am in your same position. I too wanted to avoid ending up on a cath table, and definitely don't relish the prospect of spending the rest of my life being re-stented every few years. But, I followed Pauling/Rath protocol to the letter, and tested Lp(a) levels every 6 months. Result: more blockage and scheduled for heart cath/stenting tomorrow. It is irresponsible, I think, for website to continue to promote Pauling/Rath protocol. This is NOT a game. This is life and death to some of us. I do think that atherogenesis is an inflammatory response. But the wisest way of dealing with it is to raise HDL as much as possible, and reduce small particle size LDL. As for Vit. C/Lysine, I still take it, but only with the mindset that it doesn't hurt, just as I take a multi-vitamin. But if you are thinking it is a "cure", you're following a path to nowhere. Been there, done that. Two years on that protocol, and NO measurable differences in Lp(a) and still scheduled for another stent tomorrow.
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replied March 26th, 2012
Good luck with the procedure tomorrow. I know it's aweful. I will be praying for you.

And to be honest, I am less than a week in to this and am just getting up to speed as to the causes and issues. Lots of reading to do still. (I am the guy that over researches everything)

You are absolutely right that this is life or death to the majority of us reading anything on this site. Better to get stents than the alternative I guess. But like the rest, I'd like to find something to get rid of the plaque.

Thanks for the info and let us know how the procedure goes. You cam PM me if you would rather.
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replied April 18th, 2012
I'm a 56 year old woman with an lp(a) that has come down to 147 --it was off the chart >225. I think the thing that helped me most was estrogen. Still, I have to wonder about how well this can be measured. I am looking into Pauling therapy--but for those of you who would consider it, check out Mathias Rath on Wikipedia. He made himself rich curing heart disease (AND cancer AND AIDs.) That's not to say anything about Pauling --just advising caution. It seems to me that if this worked, there would be a LOT more people on message boards shouting their success to the world. It also doesn't explain why EVERYONE doesn't get heart disease, since no one can make vitamin C. But hey, like everyone else, I'm scared and want something--anything--to try. I am asymtomatic now, but I have a calcium score of 400--so there's trouble brewing. Good luck to everyone trying this--maybe it will work for some.
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replied July 14th, 2012
The guy PMJdiabetic who posted above basically posts the same stuff on every Pauling / Rath articles. I think he works for Rath to buy the product.
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