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My 9 year old son has Epilepsy! Stopping Medications ???

Hi, i am new to this forum and i just need to ask about stopping meds, My 9 year old son started having absence siezures when he was 4, and when he was 5 he started with tonic clonic siezures, then atonic siezures. I have lost count of how many different combinations of drugs he has tried, Many of the drugs have helped one thing short term but have caused him to have increases in other siezure types! Now he is on epillim, clobazam and Stiripentol, He has very little quality of life at the moment because he is sleeping all the time and he can't concentrate for more than 2 minutes at a time, I would like to wean him off all his meds and and give his body time to adjust being without the meds, I just feel that maybe he would do better without them as the side affects of the drugs are so extreme, I will just try to keep him on a very low dose of epillim and see how it goes. Has anyone else tried this? I will of course make sure that his neurologist knows of my wishes for his treatment. thanks for listening. sue
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replied September 8th, 2007
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Talk this over with the neurologist, but do not be surprised if he does not want to go along with your plan.

Have you ever had a long Video EEG?

My son was taken off medication for a time during a misdiagnosis and it caused seizures to become more difficult to control. I know that the side effects from the medications are very hard to cope with and frustrating on top of the seizures.

Having the seizures are also going to interfere with his learning, however.

Is he currently having active seizures? Usually they will not wean off medications unless he is seizure free for 1-2 years with a clear eeg. Sometimes during a VEEG they will stop medication and try again with a new medication that might be a better choice. I know you have tried many and the combinations. It is so frustrating. We have also been at this for over half my son's life, almost 9 years.

Hang in there. I hope your neuro can come up with something to help him.

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