Hi - I had my appendix out 24 days ago whilst on holiday in Crete. I recovered from the operation very quickly around the site of my appendix and the pain was manageable within 24 hours without any medication. Ever since the operation I have been increasingly more and more tired and have had a severe headache with temporary loss of vision and blurring a couple of times (lasting a whole day at a time) since. As far as I know, surgery was routine although conducted very quickly - the diagnosis was based on localised lower right abdominal pain which lasted a couple of hours, high white blood cell count and a physical examination, the ultrasound didn't show any signs of appendicitis and afterwards I wasn't told if the appendix was noticeably infected or not.

Doctors opinion please - Is it common to be so exhausted this long after surgery ? or do you think there is possibility that I was misdiagnosed with acute appendicitis ?
I look forward to hearing from you.
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replied June 12th, 2009
Blurred vision after appendectomy
I, too, just had my appendix out a few days ago. Though I do not have the fatigue part of it I do have the partial loss of vision. Everything I try to read is very blurry. I had to buy a pair of reading glasses which do help. My concern is I didnt have this problem before surgery. Did your vision come back? How long did it last? Thank you.
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