Hay ya'll. I'm new. I have tons of questions regarding whether or not I have lupus. I've read over the criteria for lupus, and have had health problems since 1993.
Most of my symptoms do not always occur at the same time. Do you have to have all of these, or at least 4 of them all at the same time?
Also, just how positive is an ana with a titer of 1:340? Is it sorta postive, or definate positive?
I did read somewhere here in this forum that some people have tongue problems. I had never thought of this as possibly being lupus related. I assumed it was something I ate, or was drinking too much fruit juice. My dentist first noticed it...It's really ugly, and sticks around for a week or two before it dissappears for months at a time.
I can only recall having a terrible weird sunburn on my face once. It looked like someone had taken a red magic marker and had drawn a red rectangle across my cheek bones, and nose. Is that also a sign?

I can look back now and remember silly insignificant things that I felt stupid in complaining about...
I am due to see a rheumatologist on the 29th of march in pensacola, and am taking all of my lab work with me.
Since december, I had weird infections that my family Dr. Could not pinpoint. I was recently diagnosed with innerstitial cystitis, so I had been having really bad bladder infections ( or so I thought) and was eating bactrim like crazy...Then everything started going haywire.
I have been complaining of left hip pain since dec., and was even thinking that I had cancer in that area because that's where I wear my cell phone...(not cancer...Duh).
I have pain in both shoulders...Right where the top bone and arm bones meet.
I started getting fevers of 100-101, and when this would happen, I would hurt all over...I mean everywhere. All of my bones seemed to radiate from the inside out with pain so severe, I could hardly walk.
I had been recently taking cipro for e-coli of the bladder. I noticed that around 5-7 days after coming off of an antibiotic (regardless of what kind), the fever would return along with the pain. Did I mention freezing cold? I can not get warm for anything. During fevers, I shiver in a hot tub of water. My hands and feet are notorious for being corpse cold. Even in the summer.
Dr ran cbc, and white cell count was high, so he said I had an ear infection, and sent me home with antibiotics...Another round of cipro.
3 weeks later, the fever returned, with a vengeance. I woke up at 6:am that morning feb. 11th, and could not breathe. I do have allergies, and asthma. Asthma has never woke me up before, and when I opened my eyes, I mumbled...Oh god. I knew something was very wrong. I passed out trying to get to the bathroom to get the inhaler. Went back to dr, and he ran another cbc. White cell was 13,000 and chest x-ray showed pneumonia. I asked how I could have pneumonia after just coming off of cipro. He shrugged his shoulders. The headaches are terrible also...
He put me on 10 days of augmentin. I felt better in 2 days.
7 days after taking the last of the augmentin, the fever with pain returned.
Went back to dr, and had another cbc. White cell of 17,000, with no sign of infection that he could detect with exam. This is when he decided to do a complete run down of lab tests...Everything you could imagine. Rheumatory arthritis came back negative, but I have swollen knuckles with raised whelt looking things on them sometimes that are terribley tender to the touch.
It's been 10 days since antibiotics ran out, and I went to Dr. For follow-up on blood work. Everything looked good that day except rbc was low.
Since last monday, I have felt pretty good except the tiredness is always with me. Something I have learned to live with over the years. So long as I can sneak a nap in on the weekends, I am ok.
Most everything else came back normal except the ana. Titer of 1:320.
I've had 2 kidney stones before, and several stupid things that didn't make sense at the time... Also, whenever I have a high white cell count, several other things in the cbc are weird. Some I do not understand, like: what does ly stand for? Normal range says 20.5-51.1, but mine says 3.6. Gr (what is this) is high, mo#(what is this) is high.
Has anyone else had a bout like the one that i've just been through?
Does this sound lupus like to ya'll?

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replied March 20th, 2004
New From Alabama
I also have pain in my neck and shoulders. My rhem. Told me this has nothing to do with the lupus, but that makes no sense. All the things you mentioned go along with lupus. Good luck! I hope you have more good days than bad. Aletha
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replied March 21st, 2004
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Hi autumncricket (paula)!

It is nice to meet you! I am ladybrannon. Welcome!

An ana titer of 1:340 is positive...Anything *above* 1:80 is considered positive.

A positive ana is suggestive of an autoimmune problem. There are a lot of autoimmune diseases out there...And some even look and sound a lot like lupus, but are not lupus.

Have you seen a rheumatologist? Have you had other things checked? Have they tested your c4 and c3 levels? C reactive protein? Your anti-dna? Anti-ro? Anti-sm?

I would also keep a diary. You said that looking back there are a lot of little things that you wonder about now. Keeping the diary will help with that. Be sure to also include a daily temperature reading with those notes. And when I say a diary, I mean from I have a mouth sore, to a slight fever, to a headache that has lasted 3-4 days. Everything...

I hope this helps.
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