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Hooked On Nasal Spray - Help!!!! (Page 4)

March 3rd, 2015
RX will help for getting off nose spray
Went to doc, she gave me a flonase RX strength meaning a steriod nasal spray to take 2 sprays in each side of my nose! She said within a week I should be great!

5th day 4th night...did great last night! This is hard, but I am sure this new RX strength flonase will do the trick!

I am going to do this.....Best wishes to y'all on this addiction! You can get off this crap!
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replied May 14th, 2015
Seriously if you are using nasal sprays for more than 7 days you will get addicted to the nasal sprays. IF you are addicted it for more than 22 years, well i must say that is beyond Nasal spray addiction.

Well I was also addicted to it for a long time and found that following methods are best for removing Afrin Nsal spray addiction.

1. Cessation-

This is COLD TURKEY approach as discussed by "snowboar" and the second one is

2. Weaning
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replied March 17th, 2016
Hi all,

I am about to embark on my cold turkey journey and I must say all comments and stories in this blog are very encouraging.

Best regards,

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replied March 29th, 2016
I have been hooked on Nasal Spray on and off since my early 30s. I'm now 42. When I was younger I was able to simply stop and deal with the rebound swelling/blockage. But like all addiction, it becomes progressive and harder to stop. I finally realized I was unable to handle this problem on my own and saw an ENT Specialist. By using a Netipot and being prescribed heavy antibiotics, I was able to get off of my dependence from nasal spray. But this was just the first step. My doctor found a polyp, swollen turbinates, and a blockage that kept my sinuses from draining. She booked an OR, performed the surgery, and I felt like myself again. WHAT A RELIEF!! Then summer came round and once the heat and humidity showed up? I was back to square one. Hooked on nasal spray and miserable. Long term use of these products were causing me to have stinging band headaches, feeling weak and sick all the time, and of course depressed that I'd most likely be woken up in the middle of the night completely blocked. Went back to my doctor and she started treatment again with more antibiotics and prednisone. The polyps were back and the meds were not working. I had no idea what to do next. FINALLY I went and got a generic pack of Sudafed. I immediately noticed a change on the first day. It's been 48 hours since I used any nasal spray and I'm sleeping through the night again. If anyone has been through what I have, and you haven't tried an OTC decongestant? Go and get one immediately. There are some side effects that come with decongestants, but they seem to be more moderate than they were years ago, most likely due to people using them to cook up meth, and their effectiveness far outweighs any side effects that come with using them. My ENT wants to do another surgery which I'm on board with as soon as I'm completely out of the woods with the rebound swelling. I hope my post finds others in a similar situation and this approach works for them as well. Good luck to everyone looking forward to a better quality of life off nasal spray. IT TRUELY IS A NIGHTMARE!!!!
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replied August 16th, 2016
sinusoothe nasal spray
Try sinusoothe nasal spray - their website also has other great info if it doesn't work. It helped me beat my addiction of seven years.
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replied January 21st, 2017
Sinusoother nose spray is worth giving a go. I know it does work for nasal spray addiction as someone close to me used it with great success.
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replied May 31st, 2017
This thread has been a bit of a god send for me. I've been using Otrivine for around 14/15 years now, in truth it's been so long i've forgotten exactly how long it's been. I recently started having trouble with my nose drying out and bleeding so I went to see my doc this morning, as you do, and was told I am suffering from rebound congestion. I had absolutely no idea that this was a thing. He told me I have to come off it cold turkey, so today i stopped using it, or at least I tried... I lasted approx 10 hours before i couldn't take the crushing congestion any longer and snuck a sneaky spray in one nostril to ease the suffering. I then decided to google it and found this thread.
Reading all the stories i can relate to many of them, having little bottles stashed around the house just in case you run out of them, panicking when you don't have any left and dashing out to late night stores to buy more. Some of the advice has been great and given me some hope that maybe i can do this. It took me those 10 hours to realise that my willpower is far too weak to commit cold turkey, so i've decided to try the one nostril method of weaning combined with dilution and see how i get on.
It's day one and i'm sat here in bed at 2:30am unable to sleep with one clear nostril, one glued shut nostril and a breathe right strip stuck on my nose. The pressure on the right side of my face is awful and i'm feeling really agitated. I know it's only the beginning but reading about how many of you have been in the same situation and successfully stopped using decongestant (even people using it for longer periods than i have) has made me feel hopeful. Fingers crossed i'll be rebound congestion free soon!
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replied August 28th, 2018
I know this is an old thread but found great help reading it... I have been hooked and dependent on spray sudafed which I think is the same as Afrin
12 hour spray had no effect, so was using wvery three hours pretty much. I had bottles all
Over the place in case I ran out, dropped the glass bottle , or in case the pump action stopped working. When going to Spain I would take three bottles in case one was confiscated at check in or in case I lost a bottle somehow. My life has revolved around my nose for about 15 years. I did cold turkey about 8 years ago but ended up after a heavy cold starting it gain thinking I could cope. Recently saw an ENT specialist about my ears but when they looked
Up my nose were quite shocked by the state of it... they didn’t offer any advice but just gave me steroid spray only one puff a day to cure my “ rhinitis” which is not really sufficient... I stocked up on ocean spray , menthol,eucalyptus , becomase amtihistamine, and vicks breathing balsam like a type of Vaseline to rub under my nose. After four days I have come
Out the other side , but find
Myself counting the days I have been sudafed free, and still haven’t been able to bin the final bottles although I know I should. The shame I have felt about this dependency is very real and as an educated sensible person I have astounded myself with my years of self abuse .... this site has helped me see what a
Problem this is, in the UK doctors don’t seem to see this dependency as a problem
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