my 18 year old daughter has been getting migrain headaches for about 4 or 5 years. This last round of headaches camewith the usual pain, nausia and spots in her eyes but she has also developed large lumps on her left arm above her elbow. the lumps have a red circle around them. The emergancy room doctor gave her an anti-biotic and told her this was stress. I have never heard of stress being treated with an anti-biotic. Is this common? Are they diagnosing her correctly? We are getting very concerned considering her age and her future.
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replied September 18th, 2007
Have You Follow Up With Dr?
I am new here.But I am not new to migraine.Does your daughter see a doctor for her migraines?Is she on any meds for them?I ask this because I've tried various meds for my migraine.I get migraine with and without aura(spots,blurred vision,zig zag lines).Some meds have caused side effects.If she's on anything new,I'd check possible side effects.Either way,
I'd talk to her doctor.
I've been to er many times.They do the best they can.But I always follow up with my doctor.
I have a daughter who breaks out in hives when she's stressed.She never did before,it just started,and she's 25.
I can feel for your concern.I'd talk to her doctor for sure
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