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Girl I slept with has pre-cancer in her womb = HPV


Well what I think triggered my anxiety was sleeping with a "certain" girl. We are both from Glasgow, Scotland. She is 23, I'm 19. It was unprotected.

Also found out she has pre-cancer in her womb = HPV.

Ever since iv been worrying about STD.

Been tested for chlamydia twice, tested for gonorrhea, tested for syphillis and HIV, (altho only at 4/5 weeks after I slept with her).

But I am getting a shooting pain down my groin (Im not sure if its in my penis or just behind my testicle), I think it is a bit of both.

Got the occasional shooting itch in my penis to the tip of it.

Few days, maybe a week after the exposure I had quite strong lower abdominal cramping/ache that lasted all day, soon as I woke up till I managed to get to sleep. I went to the doctor about it and told him I'v also suffered from constipation (but I'v had that for months, maybe even years). I got liquid medicine for that which seemed to take away the constant 24/7 cramping.

The other symptoms...

I now feel slight nausea, headaches.

I'v been to the doctor a few times, blood test taken which is normal aswell.

He said he thinks I'v got health anxiety.

Someone help me as I think I'v actually got something!!!!!
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replied August 28th, 2007
Health Anxiety
Im not sure if you know this but you CANT catch cancer. Its not contagiuos at all. Sounds like your having a stressful time and that could be the cause of all this. You could have irritable bowel syndrome causing nausea and constipation and it causes alot of anxiety in people. The shooting pain could be a pulled muscle or slighty trapped nerve fromhaving sex you can pull many muscles.

Hope this helps you.
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replied January 21st, 2011
hpv and cancer in men
um yes u can. u are grossly misinformed. HPV is an std that is transmitted thru sexa nd thru skin to skin contact. There is no test for HPV in heterosexual men. If he had unprotected sex with her than it is very likely that he has HPV. He can pass it to other woman as well.
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