When I have the worst vocabulary known to existence, difficulty thinking of the right words to say and putting them together (especially when speaking, which is why I don't engage in much conversations, but also when typing as well. Even if I do get it right, it takes a long time!), EXTREMELY horrid math skills and the inability to solve simple math problems at the top of my head, I basically messed up my life. These vocabulary and math skills (among a whole lot of other aspects of intelligences, but I'll get to that later) are sooooo bad, that I don't know if they can ever be fixed! I don't know if you know the extent of how bad they are...

The most successful people in life are that way because they know how to actually socialize and communicate as they have really good vocabulary and math skills, so they will know what they're saying and doing to interact. If not, they're gonna be walked over. My vocabulary and math skills are sooooo bad, that I don't know if it could ever be fixed, which I believe will be my downfall because people like me won't save as no one can wait for people like me.

I couldn't even subtract $1.90 from $3.17 at the top of my head; all I could've done was subtract $2.00 to get $1.17 and add 10 cents to get $1.27, but these simple ideas won't come to me when I need them. Obviously, everyone's gonna make mistakes, but the mistakes I make are potentially life-damaging since they happen waaaay too often. And it's not like I actually know the things either, so it's not only like I don't know the solution; I don't know the math either!

I'm not lying when I say there are sooooooo many words I don't know that I should've learned by now. Infact, words I should've learned a looooong time ago! Infact, simple words like (from the top of my head), "inauguration", "bonifide", "Baydestrian", "predicate", "resonate", etc. Words I previously didn't know that I learned recently are, "elipsis", "agnostic", "instigate", etc. A LOT of the time I look for a synonym for a word or phrase or whatever (and I'm often only IMAGINING the conversations in my mind as if I'm trying to PREPARE what I'm trying to say (even if the conversation will never happen!); I'm not exactly speaking anything!), it just won't pop up in my brain, no matter how simple the word is. I can just easily forget words. I even forgot what a pronoun, adverb (Well, is it something like "she"?), adjective and etc. mean now after reading the definitions more than once! I also don't even know how to spell a lot of words. I feel soooo unintelligent!

How am I supposed to do the more advanced problems and even branch out into Science, Politics, Philosophy, etc., if I don't know these two important aspects of intelligence? I believe that you need to know your vocabulary and math to know what you're saying and doing in all the other fields. How am I supposed to be the person I desire and get people to like me?! I can't even talk with people, so I feel lonely! I might as well die if I can't live life to the fullest and also contribute! I also feel guilty for that...

Please. I need help. Any helpful advice is welcomed. Thanks a lot.

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replied September 7th, 2007
Did you find this post helpful?
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