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Hi, my names Kristy. I'm 21, and I have been bulimic on and off since I was 16. I am really trying to stop, and all on my own, and I don;t have the time to go to a treatment center, because I am already 21 and still finishing junior college. I am also in training to be a certified nutrionist. I have been struggeling with this problem for a long time and I am getting impatient with the healing process. I have a little better perception of a good body image I'd like to still go for, but in a healthier way. I am very frustrated because I want my metabolism to be fast now, and I am trying to find the best plan to build it back up again...? I also was curious if anyone knew exactly how long it takes for someone who has been purging for the past 5 years to come to a fast metabolism and what guidelines would you give to someone stopping this disease but still trying to loose weight? And I was wondering how long it usually takes people with eating disorders (and please be a specific as you can) to heal mentally and physicaly? I am actually very interested in health and know quite a lot about it, but with how much pressure society puts on women to stay thin, I am constantly having set backs. I will go weeks without even thinking about it then suddenly I have to have a cheeseburger but dont want to keep it down. Please send me your best advice, thank you. Rolling Eyes
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replied September 12th, 2007
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I know what you're talking about.. It may take a very long time to get back to and healthy state since you stop purging and so on. Your metabolism will be affected again - notice that the first time it was affected was when your problems started, okay?
But it's something you can deal with, with strengh and perserverance!
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