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If Risperidone is effective, does patient have Schizophrenia

OK, a person goes to see the Psychiatrist with these symptoms which appear
to be Schizophrenia.
Symptoms are hearing voices, seeing people that are not there. Beleiving
they are being followed by MI5, beleiving they are being monitored by tv,
suspicious of doctor poisoning them etc. All the signs are there.

The doctor will not commit himself to say its definately Schizophrenia and
says he will reserve judgment till the patient is seen again, however the
doc gives the patient Risperidone and after 2 weeks the patient is feeling
much better, less paranoia, no more voices etc.

Now, does this indicate the patient DOES have Schizophrenia and the tablets
have worked??????

Or what is your opinion on this please?
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replied August 30th, 2007
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the tablets are working. that is what the purpose of the meds are--- to reduce symptoms. it may not get rid of it all together. if you had them go off them the symptoms might come back.
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