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Very Angry, Hurting My Relationship

Hi, I need to know if anyone else is going through what I am going through. Please be honest and blunt if you have to.

I am with an amazing man, he cooks every night, hes very thoughtful in little ways, he is great in bed, he respects me, he has never called me a name or hit me, he would literally do anything for me, I can go on an on abbot all of the GOOD things about him so why cant I get over all the BAD things about him.

Like the fact that hes lazy and has to be told to do everything, he doesnt brush his teeth or shave unless I ask him. He has no initiative when it comes to laundry, cleaning and paying bills. He is very rude when he shouldnt be.

This really bothers me and I find myself resenting him every day. I get mad and talk to him bad cause I am upset over something he said. I know I treat him bad, but I cant seem to stop. Does anyone understand. How can I get over these hang ups? How can I accept when hes rude and sarcastic and has bad breath? It sounds crazy but it is true.

I have sat down and talked to him in a nice way and I have tried being pushy and direct, but my anger is still there.

Any suggestions?
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replied September 22nd, 2007
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You Seem to
have rounded it off and it might be time for tuff love tactics...hand him a certs ...hand him his tooth brush tooth paste on it .......when he is rude tell him he is and that that is not acceptable in your presence ......dig in and demand he meet you half way on these issues
If he wont change ,can't change ...find another great guy or if he is the one make peace with the wrong for the sake of all the right and good he does ......sorry if this is no help at all but you do sound like you already know what to do just need to hear us tell you its time to do it .....wazzywoman/robin
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