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Uterus has flipped + endometirous

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Well the long awaited surgery date is here it is September 11 at 7 am and am scared and happy at same time now maybe I can have some of the pain gone and they will fix what is wrong. Oh what is wrong you are all thinking since I have not been on for quite some time is my uterus has flipped. yes flipped very common apparently although I have never heard of if it is as common as a herina. Also they are thinking that endometirous is back I had it burnt away in 1999 and now it is back with vengens. They think it is all over inside causing alot of the pain. In 2003 I had to have surgery not for endo but for scar tissue and was told it will never come back but apparently it is also back iand my insides are all conected together because of the scar tissue. So this is surgery number 1. I will posst when I know when my liver surgery is that I have not yet seen the specialist about yet to find out exactlly what is wrong all I have really been told in away I understand is that my liver is not working properly. I do not see specialist until Jan 2008 now they changed it from October of this year to then. Not feeling very good today or any day for that matter. Hope to be on a little more after september 11
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