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Slightly High Creatinine Has Me Concerned

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recently had a physical- everything was peachy except my creatinine was slightly elevated (1.4 mg/dL). anyway, my doc had me retested a month later and it was then 1.7mg/dL. he told me he spoke with a kidney doc and that its probably a variation of the norm, but he wants to now do a urine analysis and if thats negative for protein he wants me to go for a renal MAG scan. this whole thing has really shaken me up and i'm already envisioning a life on dialysis. my BUN was normal and i have no symptoms, but i am concerned. another layer of this whole thing that has be nervous is the renal scan - i really dont want to have radioactive materials injected into my body. ive had enough xrays and exposure to radiation in my life and dont want anymore out of fear of developing cancer later in life. id appreciate any feedback regarding my concerns. thanks for reading
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replied August 27th, 2007
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This site might give you a little info on creatinine. d_test/article.htm
I know this is scary but I find that the more I know about a problem the better choices I can make. I also know what you mean about radiation. I have had IVPs, Renal scans, x-rays, til I feel like I must glow in the dark! Don' t be afraid to get another opinion. Good luck!
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replied October 6th, 2007
My son, who is now 8, has had regular appointments with a Nephrologist at Sick kids hospital since the age of 4. In the past, he had issues surrounding his levels of calcium, but now the concern surrounds his left kidney which hasn't grown in the last 4 years.
He too has to have a renal MAG scan early next year.

I understand your concern, but please keep in mind that you only need half a kidney to survive.

Best of luck!
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