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Hip Replacement And Cardio Exercise

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I am 46 years old, and over 2 years into my right hip replacement (metal on metal). I had a great recovery and have been extremely active since. Up until the last week, I have had zero pain or discomfort. I do cardio exercise 4 - 5 days a week, mostly lower impact. I started doing the stair climber recently, and also felt fine. In addition, I do a lot of weight training for my legs, including squats (though I do not go too low in the squat). Anyway, I am having a lot of discomfort and my hip feel stiff. I wanted to know if anyone else out there has experienced this same thing? I am hoping it's just a strain, and am not sure if I should continue, only with low impact cardio and stretching, or stop for a while? I will go see my doctor if it does not go away, but was hoping some real folks, that have experienced the same thing could share their experiences.
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replied August 29th, 2007
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Do you have access to a stair glider instead of a stair climber? It might be easier on your joint.
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replied February 13th, 2011
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I am 7 years out of my hip replacements which were 8 months apart. For about 6 weeks in December - January, I had stabbing pain in one hip. The pain occurred when I was sitting or standing, not walking or climbing the stairs. The pain was severe enough to make me gasp sometimes. Suddenly, the pain stopped (I hope!). I attribute it to increased exercise and muscles adapting. When it was happening, I was worried that there was something wrong with the replacement.
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