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Penis Bleeding During Sex - what happened?

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this is a very strange situation that happened to me, and i hope i can get some answers.

I was having sex with my boyfriend today, and it was all fine until we took a small break and then tried it again, when he suddenly gasped in terrible pain, saying that the head of his penis felt like a bone had been shoved through all the way to the base. He said it was extremely sharp and intense.

We turned on the lights and saw that the vein where the blood travels through when he has an erection was bleeding uncontrollably. What happened!?
he said it was severe pain, but was livable.
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replied September 2nd, 2007
Too much sex or masturbation without proper nourishment can damage the penis and seriously harm the prostate, liver, central nervous system, and endochrine system by overcharging it and draining these internal systems of much needed nutrients and hormones before they have time to rejuvenate.

The skin of the penis is very thin and the internal sex organs are very sensitive.

Despite the blatant LIES that your sex ed teacher has told you, Too much sex and PARTICULARLY TOO MUCH MASTURBATION Is VERY Dangerous.


Everything must be bandaged up.

He then needs proper supplements - NOT DRUGS - to heal himself.

Pain medication is ok but it will not solve the root problem.

Also, add soymilk to his diet for prostate health. COUNTLESS studies show that soy milk GREATLY improves his prostate thus cooling his sex organs so they can heal. Google this for proof.

I wish you and him all the best of health.

Please take care of him and be sweet/sensitive, he needs you more than ever now...
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